Cori Hunt

Sous Chef of Culinary Education

Cori Hunt, from Lexington, Illinois has been cooking in the kitchen of the fire station that now houses Epiphany Farms Restaurant for the last 6 years.  Cori is drawn to the culinary profession by its constant capability for improvement.  He is driven by the fact that no matter how good you are you can always learn more and hone your skills to keep reaching for the ultimate level of professionalism and perfection in the kitchen.  Cori's passion for the culinary arts led him to Illinois Central College where he received his Associates in Culinary Arts and his Associates in Business Management.  Cori's love for cooking has been paired with his love for sharing his knowledge to allow him to become Epiphany Farm's first Sous Chef of Culinary Education.  In his spare time, Cori collects vintage video games and enjoys tinkering and the art of taking things apart to see what he can rebuild from the rubble.  Cori is also an amateur soda maker.