Located just a few miles from downtown Bloomington, Epiphany Farms Enterprise (EFE) is a “Farm to Fork” concept that practices sustainable, beyond organic, environmentally friendly techniques.  EFE harnesses ideas from a wide range of agricultural theories, such as permaculture and intensive pasture rotation, to cultivate a multitude of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and animals. We are pioneering a new food system frontier by blending our farm and restaurants to create one, self-sustaining organism. Firmly rooted within our Central Illinois community, we are actively engaged in reconnecting our neighbors to their food's source, while nurturing a better understanding of food, health, and wellbeing. Every day we strive to produce something not only that customers enjoy, but also believe in.

During the growing season, Epiphany Farms hosts tours of the farm and a farmstand from 4 pm - 7 pm.  Epiphany Farms is opening its doors to the community. We are welcoming anyone who wants to know more about our operation and try luscious greens & happy meat. Please contact our office for more information. (309-828-2323)