Matt Myszka

Farm Director

Matt Myszka, of Downs, Illinois planned on joining his brother, Chef Ken, from the first days of Epiphany Farms. Matt has always enjoyed a close relationship with animals, and in March 2012, he assumed his current role as farmhand and livestock director. Prior to working with EFE, Myszka made a career of caring for animals, including four years with his family’s angus business and another two as a hoof trimmer.

Now, as part of Epiphany Farms, Myszka loves seeing everything come together – the restaurant, the farm, the animals – being a part of making it all come together. Matt considers his position as more than a job, but intrinsic to a future where communities unite and thrive. As he sees it, either way “I have to live and eat…one day society is going to have to learn what we’re doing, and we have a head start.”