Speaking Engagement

At our core Epiphany Farms is determined to serve as a model and flagship enterprise of holistic sustainability on an environmental, economic, and social level. Operating on the frontier of a new food system, we recognize that in order to accomplish these goals we must join and work together with our community. Re-envisioning and implementing innovative practices requires a driven group of supporters who are dedicated to helping achieve an alternative to the conventional.


Aligning ourselves with businesses that exemplify similar ideologies is one way of seeking collaboration and support. Additionally, as a B Corp certified company, Epiphany Farms pledges its commitment to being an exemplary progressive business model. Being a B Corp company is an additional way of pursuing our mission to inspire a future generation of socially conscious, but still economically viable businesses. 


Through projects in Central Illinois, Epiphany farms is actively engaged in reconnecting our community to its foods sources. Public speeches and educational workshops are ways of providing a better understanding of food, health, and wellbeing, while inspiring others to sustainably care for the earth. Connecting with individuals and organizations we more effectively move forward together towards a shared vision of a regenerative food system. 


Please contact our Director of Special Events, Mr. Craig S. Cahan for any special inquiries or questions about speaking engagement & cooking demonstrations: (309) 533-2700





2014 April 8th, Cooking Demonstration & Educational Speech, “Epiphany’s Farm-to-Fork”, Women’s Health Night, Illinois Heart & Lung Foundation, Illinois State University

2014 April 12th, Cooking Demonstration & Educational Speech, 9th Annual Illinois Sustainable Living and Wellness Expo, Illinois Wesleyan University



2013 Marth 5th, Cooking Demonstration & Educational Presentation, Illinois Heart & Lung Foundation, Women’s Health Night

2013 March 21st, Cooking Demonstration & Competition, 1st Place, Chefs for PATH ‘Charity Gala Dinner’

2013 September 13th, Cooking Demonstration, Signature Chefs Event ‘Farm to Fork’, March of Dimes



2012 February 24th, Progress of Epiphany Farms and a new direction, Illinois State University, University Club Discussion Hour

2012 March 3rd, Connecting the Home Garden to The Kitchen Sink, University of Illinois Extension, Master Gardeners, ‘Home, Lawn & Garden Day’

2012 April 5th, Cooking Demonstration & Competition, 1st Place, Chefs for PATH ‘Charity Gala Dinner’

2012 April 10th, Meaning of Farm to Fork and The Future of Our Agriculture, Illinois State University, Katie School of Insurance Symposium

2012 May 9th, An In Depth Look at The Inspiration and Vision of Epiphany Farms Enterprise and Station Two Twenty Restaurant, Illinois Wesleyan University, May Term Class

2012 September 20th, Cooking Demonstration, Signature Chef’s Auction, March of Dimes

2012 December 7th, Inspirational Speech, “Taking the Leap”, University of Nevada Las Vegas



2011 January 20th, Educational presentation and introduction of Epiphany Farms, Illinois State University, Advanced Business System Analysis Class, Semester project co-op

2011 January 28th, Public speech on ‘Local Foods from Farm to Fork,’ Illinois State University, University Club Discussion Hour

2011 January 31st, Educational presentation on “Who we are and what to eat,” Illinois State University, Food and Culture class, Prof. Hilary Justice’ guest speaker

2011 February 16th, Presentation on ‘Organic Farming and Feminists’ approach’, Illinois State University, student group FLAME

2011 March 11th, Presentation on ‘What is Organic, Local and Sustainable Life?,’ Second Presbyterian Church, Joy Group

2011 March 31st, Cooking Demonstration & Competition, 1st Place, Chefs for PATH ‘Charity Gala Dinner’



2010 March 6th, educational presentation on “Sustainable Agriculture” with cooking demo; “Globally influenced, locally produced,” University of Illinois Extension, Master Gardeners, ‘Home, Lawn & Garden Day’

2010 April 7th, educational seminar on “Chef’s view of Farm-to-Fork,” State Farm Corporate Main, Corporate Earth Day

2010 June 3rd, educational public talk on sustainability, Rotary club in Bloomington, IL

2010 June 3rd, introduction of Epiphany Farms Enterprise and “Farm-to-fork,” Founder’s Grove Neighborhood Association

2010 July 6th, educational presentation on sustainability, agriculture and food, Illinois State University, College of Business, Prof. Dale Fitzgibbons’ guest speaker

2010 September 2nd, cooking demo with presentation on “Sustainable Life Style,” Heartland Community College, Sustainable Agriculture Program

2010 November 8th, public speech on “Farming and Food,” University of Illinois Extension – Masters Gardener, Bloomington Office

2010 November 15th, Educational seminar on “Environment, Peace and Food,” llinois Wesleyan University

2010 November 16th, Seminar about “Young Farmers and Old Techniques,” Northwest Neighborhood Association



2009 November 11th, educational seminar on “Farm-to-Fork; Epiphany Farms Enterprise,” Heartland Community College, American Association for Women in Community College

2009 December 17th, Lunch and Learn speech about food and sustainability, University of Illinois Extension, Master Gardeners