Company - The Beginning

The epiphany for our concept was born from Chef Ken Myszka of Downs, Illinois. While working in some of the top kitchens in Las Vegas, Ken gained a deep appreciation for farm fresh products. This awareness intensified when he began to realize the significant economic, environmental, and cultural costs involved in supplying a restaurant. Ken was inspired to create a better food system—one that would give him more responsibility for the ingredients and techniques he was using as a chef, and ultimately establishing the framework for a sustainable restaurant.  Motivated for change, Ken decided to bring his knowledge, passion, and experience back to Illinois. Using his family’s land in Downs, Ken founded Epiphany Farms Enterprise (EFE).

Chef Stu Hummel, of Clearfield, Pennsylvania, and Nanam Yoon Myszka, of Seoul, Korea, soon joined Ken in Illinois, forming the backbone of EFE. Uniting the three’s culinary and hospitality experiences, the team determinedly pushes to craft EFE’s “Farm to Fork” vision. Beginning as novice farmers, EFE fearlessly marches into the world of agriculture, gaining new knowledge with each season. Now, in our fifth year, we are producing hundreds of varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs alongside grass-fed beef, free-range chickens, pigs, turkeys, ducks, and goats, which we showcase through our restaurant's ever-changing, always seasonal menus.