Bakery & PicklE


Bakery & Pickle is a cozy marketplace located in historic downtown Bloomington, IL. Push beyond the fresh bread and seasonal pickles to find Epiphany Farms Hospitality Group's secret supper club-style dining experience, consisting of elevated snacks, shared platters, and chef-driven libations. Find the password to score access to the late-night menu or book your seat for the full experience. 


513 N. Main Street

Bloomington, IL 61701


Now taking reservations.


Serving the Full Experience

Wednesday – Saturday 5pm - 9pm

Sunday 4pm - 8pm

Serving Late Night Menu

Wednesday & Thursday: 9pm – midnight

Friday & Saturday: 9pm - 1am

Sunday: 8pm - 11pm



Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I park?

We recommend parking in the Madison St. Garage on the 401-499N block to the southwest of the Bakery and Pickle. You can access the entrance from Market St. It's a 2 minute walk!


Whats the Dress Code?

Our dress code is 'Dress to Impress.' We want you to be comfortable and express yourself. From khakis, collars, button-downs to suits, separates and dresses, business casual refers to the attire of the experienced professional. We only ask for no athletic shoes, t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. Although we don't require jackets and ties, many of our guests tend to dress up for the occasion.


How does this work?

As you enter the restaurant your liaison will greet you and explain our offerings. You will first enjoy an assortment of canapes at the standing bar as our mixologists craft your first cocktail. Once you are seated the menu selections, as well as any supplemental choices for your experience will be explained. Sit back and we will take it from there!


How do I get in?

Book a table for your experience through our reservation program at: Our late night access will require a password for admittance. Texting our host is your best bet or if your know someone within the company ask for it on the down low.


Do Tableup Loyalty Points Apply?

Unfortunately they do not. Redeem Table Up points at our sister properties.


Can Epiphany Farms Restaurant Gift Cards be used?

Yes. Epiphany Farms Gift card can be used at all 4 of our restaurants and can be purchased on our online STORE or at Epiphany Farms Restaurant / Anju Above.