Chef Ken Myszka, of Downs, IL, first discovered his interest in hospitality through hosting family gatherings and parties for close friends. He was instantly captivated by the ability to make people feel good and the joy of taking care of others. During high school, Ken became wholly intrigued with the culinary world, by its energy, excitement, and complexity. Vocational cooking classes through his high school helped to further develop Ken’s skill set, while paving the way for his professional future. At the guidance of Ken’s teachers he enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America in New York.

Curious about the business side of the food industry, Ken enrolled at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas for a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management. Las Vegas provided the perfect opportunity for Ken to blend his interest in immaculate cuisine with the world of hospitality. While in Las Vegas, he worked in the elite kitchens of renowned hotels, Restaurant Guy Savoy and Bradley Ogden at Cesar’s Palace, and Bouchon at the Venetian. In addition, Ken has worked throughout restaurants in the U.S., including Solo (New York), Company American Bistro (Las Vegas), and the Broadmoor Resort (Colorado Springs). However, despite an early career in some of the country’s finest restaurants, Ken never lost site of his roots in Central Illinois.

Armed with impressive culinary experience and a vision for a sustainable farm/restaurant, Myszka returned to Bloomington, Illinois in January 2009, where he began establishing the foundation for Epiphany Farms Enterprise. The mission is to create a diversified, pasture based, food system, one that blends beyond organic farming with impeccable food. In 2014, EFE announced completion of its 'Epiphanization' and ready to embark on the next stage of its journey, Epiphany Farms Restaurant.

Working with the land completely changed Ken’s perspective on food. He began to see cuisine on a more connected and sustainable level. Ken sees EFE as a beacon for sustainability, a catalyst for social change. With each experience at providing warm hospitality comes an opportunity to educate about the importance of alternatives to the conventional restaurant industry. Additionally, Public presentations have become a way for Ken to expand upon his mission, as forums to showcase this new model of farm/restaurant. Ken is committed to supporting, growing, and showcasing a thriving local food culture, in an effort to re-envision the current culinary landscape.

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