Nanam Yoon Myszka, of Seoul, Korea, is motivated by a strong passion for taking care of others. From a young age Nanam was constantly striving to ensure that everyone around her was happy. She channeled this enthusiasm into a degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. After completing her studies, Nanam’s interests lead her to Customer Relations positions at InterContinental Hotels Group (Dubai, UAE) and at Samsung Electronics (Seoul, Korea).

In June 2009, Nanam joined Ken at Epiphany Farms Enterprise, and instantly developed a profound commitment to creating a sustainable farm and restaurant system. Prior to relocating to Central Illinois she had never touched a shovel, but Nanam quickly learned to love life on the farm. Nanam describes her dedication to Epiphany Farms' mission as something that has permeated every part of her life. From the start of each day, “When you open your eyes in the morning, you know you are making the world a little better place than yesterday. That's meaningful.”

Nanam infuses her drive for providing the utmost level of customer satisfaction throughout Epiphany Farms operations. Her involvement in these organizations gives Nanam the opportunity to combine what she already loves with a business she cares about deeply – a business model that will ensure a healthy future for her family and community. 

Currently Nanam & Ken reside at the farm with three beautiful children, Clover, Comfrey & Morus.